Professionnal Resume

My purpose is to share all my years of experience towards helping couples and adults wishing to experience more love, joy, liberty and peace of mind.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of sexology at UQAM in 2001.

During the last 20 years, I acquired a wide variety of knowledge and skills by being:

  • Volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center
  • Stay at home mother
  • Legal assistant (Family law)
  • Actively part of many boards of directors in my community
  • Counsellor and facilitator in family centers, women’s centers, and shelters for victims of conjugal violence.
  • Counsellor with sexual assault survivors (CALACS)
  • Head of a non-profit organisation offering supervision of access rights
  • Coordinator and counselor working with caregivers (Maison Gilles Carle Brome Missisquoi)
professionnal resume

All these experiences and learning during those years have contributed to shaping the woman and professional I have morphed into. Accompanying vulnerable and resilient human beings was a true privilege. I also had the great luck of having quality training along the way. I now have the desire to share this knowledge with as many people as possible.